Posted on: November 16, 2008 12:13 pm

WEEK 11 BLOWOUT Prediction(s)

My prdiction(s)

Colts 21 points over the Texans (GO PAYTON)

Dolphins 17 points over the Raiders (GO DST)

Saints 16 points over the Chiefs (A Shootout Rest Colston in 2nd half)

Panthers 10 poinsts over the Loins (Rest Smith in 2nd half)

Which game will be the bigger blowout?

1. Colts        vs  Texans
2. Dolphins vs  Raiders
3. Panthers vs  Lions
4. Saints      vs  Chiefs

Reply [ 1,2,3,4 ]       ________?


GAME 1 Manning, Wayne, Addai, Clark, Slaton, Johnson
GAME 2 Pennington, Brown, Camarillo, DST, McFadden
GAME 3 Delhomme, Williams, Smith, Muhammad, Johnson
GAME 4 Brees, Colston, Thigpen, Johnson, Gonzalez

[Who's your favorite]  __________?

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